Inspiration with Patricia

Magazine Contents | January- February 2013

7 ways to stay motivated

By Patrica Bebia Mawa

1. Be goal oriented

If you focus on the process, you may be discouraged.  Focus on the goal. Have a picture in your head of your end results. How will it look and feel like, if you achieve the goal? Where will it position you and what opportunities will it open up for you? You need to have a clear, concrete goal and action plan to actualise it. Have a detailed action plan and break the plan into little tasks. What keeps winners going in tough times is focusing on the outcome and knowing which direction you are going.

2. Inspire yourself

Motivate yourself by reading, watching inspirational programs, or talking to people who may have successfully achieved what you are trying to achieve. Remind yourself of what the outcome will add to your life. Meditate, pray and believe in yourself and your potential. Yes you can do it! When you are convinced that you are capable of doing something, even when people try to discourage you, you will find strength from within to go on. You will not need validation to go forward.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

Someone once said “show me your friends and I will tell you your future.” The people you surround yourself with are critical. Are they naysayers? Are they trying to make you feel small? Do they have negative energy? Are they preventing you from dreaming big and achieving your potential?  If yes, you need to stay away from them. Say no to toxic relationships. No matter how focused and strong you are, staying around the wrong people will eventually affect you negatively. Surrounding yourself with positive minded people, who are interested in your growth, will keep you motivated to achieve more and do better.

4. Identify your fears and deal with them

A friend of mine loves the saying that F.E.A.R means False Evidence Appearing Real. The only way to overcome your fear is to deal with it. Most times fear comes as a result of lack of information and confidence. Get more information about what you are afraid of and analyze the ultimate outcome if the worse happens. Most times when we face that fear, we realize that it never really existed.

5. Make positive affirmations

If you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t, you can’t; who you think you are, you are. What you say you are is who you are going to become. The words that you speak aloud are important and your inner thoughts have enormous power as well as effect on your life. Speak positive things about yourself and your future. Focus on where you want to be and not where you are now. According to Martin Luther King Jnr., faith is taking the first step even when you cannot see the whole staircase. Speak in faith and not in fear.

6. Celebrate little achievements

Acknowledging your achievements is a great way to stay motivated. Do not wait for a big breakthrough to celebrate. Celebrate even the smallest achievements. The journey to Rome begins with one step. If you have taken the first step, you are on your way. A combination of many small achievements will get you to your desired goal. If you know that you are making progress, it makes you feel closer to your goal each day.

7. Avoid Negative triggers

If you are trying to quit drinking, stay away from bars and friends that drink. If you are trying to lose weight, do not stock your fridge with foods that will prevent you from achieving your goal. Avoid things that trigger results that will draw you farther from you goal. Some people believe that they are strong and can handle the temptation. That is why we hear of relapse. Until you have reached that point of no return, stay away from negative triggers. The only way to get burnt is getting in contact with fire. If you stay away from the fire, you will not get burnt. You can do it. Yes you can!


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