Magazine Contents | November - December 2012

Mylink Navigation System

It offers drivers new levels of convenience and flexibility by bringing owner’s smartphone
capabilities into the vehicle. Chevrolet is upping the technology ante in the 2013 Camaro
with a touchscreen. Camaro has had Bluetooth and USB connectivity since its 2010
launch, but MyLink brings further integration, including voice control.

Asus G75VW Laptop 5G WiFi

Asus laptop comes with 5G WiFi network. It is claimed a world first. 5G network itself
supports speeds up to 1.3Gbps. 5G WiFi dramatically improves home wireless range,
providing faster video streaming, the ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously,
broader coverage, and longer battery life through better energy efficiency.

SONY SmartWatch

The SmartWatch is the perfect companion to your Xperia and it is also a very stylish
time piece. It is an “Android watch” and companion to Sony’s Xperia handsets The
SmartWatch is a touch-screen remote control for Sony phones and also acts as display
for updates on your phone. It can be used to receive and reject calls and send pre-defined
text messages.

2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

The new SLS AMG GT replaces previous SLS AMG versions. It uses the same 6.2-litre
fire-breathing V8 engine from the current SLS, but has been increased to 583 hp at 6800
rpm allowing it to go from a 0-60 mph acceleration time in 3.6 (est) seconds with a
max speed of 197 mph. The new 2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT boasts enhanced
driving dynamics and even better on-track performance.

Gunnar High Tech computer eyewear

Gunnar High Tech computer eyewear Gunnar uses i-AMP technology designed to protect, enhance and optimize vision. People who spend most of their time glued to the computer screen, smart phone, tablet or TV monitor, subject their eyes to harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from the screen. GUNNARS increase contrast, comfort and focus while minimizing eye fatigue and visual stress for anyone who spends long hours staring at digital screens.

Wearable video cam LX2

The first of its kind, the looxie LX2 is a wear and share hands free video cam that lets you stream live video and share clips instantly. All you have to do set it up facing the same direction you are, and it will automatically capture whatever you are seeing. You can wirelessly upload clips lasting up to 30 seconds to your favourite site or YouTube. The camera is so convenient that you won’t need your normal digital camera and you can capture your favourite moments instantly without the hassle of having to take the camera out of your bag.

Child Pad

ARNOVA has launched a 7 inch tablet made for kids running the latest Android version, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). With its compact size, light weight and ideal form factor, the ChildPad offers a great tablet experience ready to entertain kids. With online child protection from Editions Profile and exclusive Alvin & The Chipmunks 3 content the ARNOVA ChildPad is the perfect tablet for your kids.

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