Magazine Contents | November - December 2012

Tools for Success

Be Visionary

The difference between those who are moving forward and those who are not is that the latter often anchor themselves to fear & negativity.

Be Confident

You are a unique creation, one of a kind. God endowed you with your own particular mix of talents, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, inner dreams and the potential to achieve them. The secret to your success and fulfillment in life is you. It is called a secret because only you can find it within you.

Be Persistent

We never really fall short of any goal, but rather of the passion required to keep the goal alive, the effort required to maintain a forward momentum, the integrity required to garner the necessary support, the diligence required to tighten loose ends and the humility required to accept feedback from others.

Be Positive

Your greatest enemy is no person other than yourself; that innermost thought that tends to limit your potential, that tends to make you believe, even for just a second, that you are
unable to overcome any challenge. To make things happen, you must first believe, to achieve your goals, you must remain positive even when the odds are against you.

Be Willing

If you wish to excel in life, you must be willing to learn, unlearn and> relearn what is required to make you excel in life, you must be willing to apply the due diligence, uphold integrity at all times and consistently go more than one extra mile, because your willingness to act is directly tied to your probability of success.

Be Focused

One of the questions that we must ask ourselves everyday is, “How much time do I spend on the things that matter the least versus the things that matter the most?” This is the question that great accomplishers ask themselves every day to ensure that their focus is always directed to where it is due.

Seek Help

To receive, we must ask; to find we must seek; to be allowed entry, we must knock. Those who underestimate the power of asking always lack, those who underestimate the power of seeking never find, and those who underestimate the power of knocking will never be allowed entry.

Be Prepared

In life, challenges never wait to be conquered before new ones appear. The more we conquer life challenges, the more new ones appear. To avoid a pile-up, we must consistently act faster than they emerge, and be more proactive rather than reactive. We must be prepared at all times to tackle, not only what is yet to happen, but what may never happen.

Be Humble

Although intangible, sincere feedback is one of the most precious gifts that we can truly give and should wish to receive from those around us. It is so precious that only those who really appreciate you and your effort will take the time to share their feedback with you. Solicit it with an open mind. Give it to others freely. Treasure the one you receive humbly.

Have Integrity

A false sense of integrity and accomplishment is easily derived when we compare ourselves to other people. A truer sense, however, is easily derived when we compare ourselves to what is generally expected of us, especially those undocumented responsibilities that are a part of where we find ourselves in life.

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