Introducing Diversity Magazine

Magazine Contents | November - December 2012

A New Dawn has cracked the sky open

Canada, our dear nation, prides itself on the beauty of our multicultural tapestry. The launch of the all new Diversity Magazine is aimed at weaving the threads of our collective and rich heritage, with that grand tradition of diversity and inclusion. With each bi-monthly issue, the magazine will bring you content from the vast cross-section of the Canadian landscape from a unique perspective. It is our hope that as you go through the publication, you will find yourself represented.

Our diverse team of professionals, who hail from virtually every continent of the world, is already equipped with long lists of uplifting and transformational stories, which will also be made available online. If you wish to submit a story, please contact us so we may start a conversation. In this issue, we showcase recipients of the 2012 Diversity Awards and highlight other Champions of Diversity by introducing our Top 25 in Diversity List. Our cover story is a convergence of the beauty and impact of our diversity. There are a number of stories that highlight public policies, corporate values and individual achievements that are worthy of emulation. With our commitment to being on the cutting edge of harmony and innovation, we also share various insights that range from age old wisdom drawn from our diverse roots, to new technological advancements that impact our lives.

Diversity Magazine and its associated initiatives are set to inspire individuals to aspire for greater levels of success; transform lives and society by maximizing the value and impact of diversity through empowering individuals, businesses and organizations with great information; showcase the best of all peoples with a distinct intent of encouraging service and change; celebrate leadership, enterprise and other success stories regarding our diversity and integrate immigrant, Aboriginal and other constituents for a more perfect mosaic.

We are starting off bi-monthly via TTC, GO and other transit stations and through Blue Boxes at bus stops, shopping centres and other strategic locations across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Copies can also be picked up at car dealerships, newcomer centres, city halls, media outlets, community centres, hotels, airports, community health centres, recreational and entertainment centres, universities, colleges, through special events and various other means. The publication is also available by subscription.

Businesses can now take advantage of this exceptional platform for reaching our diverse communities. We invite everyone to embark on this journey with us and invite others, as we explore together; as we learn that we are more alike than we are different. With your support, our work to share your stories with your neighbour to the left and to the right will be so much easier. We look forward to telling your stories and to serving you.

Cynthia Kenth

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