Pai Chideya

world class designs from ottawa

Having lived in Stockholm, Paris, London and New York, this Zimbabwean born and Ottawa based fashion designer is making her mark in the fashion industry. With a legal background, Paidemoyo Chideya has pursued her career in fashion with relentless vigour. Her ready to wear line DeMOYO has allowed her to grow as an artist.

Chideya’s desire is to be a leading designer, to have her line in flagship stores around the world and not be limited in any way. “My gender, my colour, my height: It goes on and on. I prefer to take the stance to remember that I was created perfectly as I am, and as such, I have the perfect tools that will help me survive and better yet, succeed in my life. Because the way I am is not a mistake. It may be to others, but that is precisely my strength” she says.

She created a not-for-profit organization named Art DeMOYO for women and children in Zimbabwe. It means “Art from the Heart”. It was designed as a vertically integrated operation that creates jobs for women who are willing and ready to become independent and self sufficient. “I have a strong understanding that creativity fuels dreams, and dreams do come true. I feel that is my responsibility to harness and nurture that in others as it was done for me,” says Chideya.

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