Symbotic Synergy

UFSC Toronto in Partnership with TD Bank

Extraordinary Corporate Citizen

In an increasingly networked world where strong relationships are paramount and the right connections are essential, a symbiotic partnership is invaluable. Such is the collaboration between the Urban Financial Services Coalition – Toronto Chapter and the TD Bank Group.

Whether casually chatting with UFSC Toronto President Emeritus Marlon Reid, who is Vice President of Treasury Credit at TD Securities or Scott Mullin, Vice President of Community Relations, TD Bank Group and Al Ramsay, Branch Manager Program in the GTA Region, TD Canada Trust, the prevailing emotion is passion. These members genuinely care about the organization in general and the communities they serve in particular.

These facts should be of no surprise. “UFSC Toronto stands firm on its pillars of Networking, Professional Development, Community Outreach and Financial Literacy. We are committed to the personal and professional development of our members, to raising the economic condition of our community and to inspiring our youth to see financial service as a viable career option,” says Davina Reid, President of the organization.

TD Bank has long advocated these tenets, with its website stating, “When people lack basic skills to make sound financial decisions, the impacts are far reaching. Financial literacy is a life skill that’s more vital than ever before. As a financial institution, TD has an integral responsibility in this area.”

As an organization always ready to answer the call of the community, UFSC Toronto has been in key partnership with TD Bank since 2008. Three TD employees currently sit on the UFSC Toronto corporate advisory board, providing support to the president and executive board on strategic and tactical initiatives of the organisation. “A volunteer driven organization, UFSC Toronto’s ability to function is directly connected to its ability to recruit and maintain volunteers who are committed, driven and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work,” says Marlon Reid.

In wearing his UFSC Toronto that, he continues, “We’ve been fortunate to have a tremendous number of TD employees engaged in our organization and holding a number of functions across the organization.”

The urban financial landscape of Toronto is in good hands with the UFSC Toronto and TD Bank at the forefront of education and opportunity. The UFSC Toronto allows TD employees opportunities to not only give back to the community, but also to grow and develop as professionals.

These opportunities however, begin long before a person becomes old enough for employment. The tandem relationship between these two entities facilitates exposing young people to the financial services industry. TD continues to support UFSC Toronto in achieving its goals of raising the economic condition of the community; inspiring young kids to consider financial services as a viable career option; to instill the desire to become leaders.

Whether walking through offices or on the trading floor during Take Our Children To Work Day, supporting the annual Young Men of Colour Stand Up Conference, or promoting financial literacy programming, this dynamic relationship is making a difference. TD continues to broadcast community involvement among employees, encouraging people to go out and help support UFSC Toronto and what it is doing in the community.

Teams of TD employees routinely help UFSC Toronto achieve the desires of its community outreach. TD Bank believes it has a corporate responsibility to all communities. Further, the institution desires to be “the bank of choice and the employer of choice.” The dynamic partnership between UFSC Toronto and TD Bank Group can only lead to strong, healthy communities, in which our youth can realise their full potential.

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