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Magazine Contents | April - May 2013

Preparing For Success

How To Walk Your Way Up

By Patrica Bebia Mawa

1. Determine your goals and objectives

Before you begin to prepare for any task or endeavour, it is important to identify the objectives and goals. Ask yourself questions like: Why am I doing this? What is the outcome I intend to achieve? How will this add to my life? Who will be affected by this? The importance you place on something, determines how hard you are willing to fight for it. Knowing the objectives also keeps you focused on your preparation.

2.Learn from established practices

George Santayana said “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Research is very important. If you refuse to learn from history, you will soon be history. Determine the rules, regulations, traditional practices and customs regarding what you are preparing for. This will make you find ways to not reinvent the wheel. It will also make you find ways to bring your unique ideas and quality to the task.

3. Ascertain the requirements

In high school, we were asked to write about atoms in a chemistry test. A student did not study atoms but rather electrons. She wrote excellently about electrons and got a zero. She said to the teacher, “But atoms and electrons are connected.” The response from the teacher was, “You were asked to write about atoms not electrons.” Prepare to answer to the needs and questions and not to your own personal interest. Once you have identified what is required, only then can you prepare for what is needed.

4. Manage and plan your time

You only have a set time to prepare before the day of reckoning. How much time do you have? Make sure you do not wait till the last minute, as this will lead to rushing and making avoidable mistakes. It has been said that “Haste makes waste.” Add timelines to your goals. When do you have to achieve every aspect of the preparation? Follow the schedule and make sure that you have enough time to prepare adequately.

5. Practice

Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” When you see an athlete or a sportsman getting a gold medal, it is because of several hours of practice. Success happens when you get an opportunity to showcase in public what you have practiced in secret. Practice gives you confidence. It arms you for success. As it is said, “Practice makes perfect.”

6. Build confidence in yourself

The reason you prepare is so that you are confident to deliver what is expected of you. The first step to overcoming lack of confidence is facing your fears. What are you afraid of? Work on those weaknesses. Set realistic goals for yourself. Instead of pursuing perfection, pursue excellence. Stop comparing yourself with others and strive to be the best you can be. Believe in yourself and sharpen your abilities. You have something to offer and you can do it.

7. Pursue your Dreams

When you have spent time preparing, you need to take steps towards your goal. The only way to succeed at anything is to attempt it from a position of knowledge. Start today! Do not procrastinate. You can do it! Success is waiting for you.


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