Every day presents an opportunity to take steps that will impact the present and shape the future. Success does not happen by chance. Visions become goals, goals become actions and action become success. You cannot change yesterday, but you have the power to use the past to make tomorrow what you want it to be. The best way to achieve success is to define your vision. When your vision is clear, you see the way to your destination clearly. This becomes your own global positioning system; the GPS of your destiny.

Break the vision into short term and long term goals. Yes you can graduate from college, yes you can start a business and yes you can change the world. In this issue of Diversity Magazine, we feature men and women who have proved that it is possible. Our Transformation Person Of The Year, Surjit Babra, migrated to Canada with little resources and is now one of the most successful businessmen in Canada. Mr. Babra had a vision, stayed focused and would later run multiple travel and aviation companies with 1200 employees around the world.

Most recently, his company bought H.J. Heinz Co. assets, saving 250 jobs! We also feature our Top 30 Visionaries In Transformation. These are men and women who have excelled in their fields of endeavour. These individuals continue to inspire, transform, empower, showcase and integrate our very best. We present Osgoode Hall Law School, as it celebrates 125 years of excellence in legal education; the 2015.

Toronto Pan Am Games, set to be a world-class celebration of sport and culture as well as Mario Bellissimo, a legal gentleman painting good pictures on our legal canvas. We are pleased to share the significance of honour, which unlocks potential. We also present the remarkable story of Isaac Olowolafe, Jr. who is helping people build generational wealth and invest in the future. He has just made a generous donation of $105,000 to Ryerson University, among other things. We hope you will find our ten qualities of an iconic hero inspiring. In the spirit of the valentine season, which oughts to be all year, Christie-Ann Noreiga discusses relationships and technology.

We highlight ten notable inventors of African descent. We also feature Toronto based fashion designer Catherine Addai, whose clothing line Kaela Kay is getting International attention. Patricia Bebia Mawa inspires with Playing Your Way To Success. My hope is that as you flip through the pages of this issue of Diversity magazine, it will inspire you to use the experiences of the past to make decisions today that will make for a better future. Join us on Social Media, let’s continue the discussion. Happy New Year!

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