Magazine Contents | April - May 2013

Since the arrival of the Blackberry Smartphone, mobile devices have been revolutionized into a new category of technology in the early millennium that would forever change the landscape of the cell phone. After a lengthy waiting process, Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion) has unveiled its latest iteration of the Blackberry handsets, the Z10 and the Q10. With the Q10 resembling more of the traditional Blackberry mobile device (with the presence of the  physical QWERTY keyboard), the Z10 follows today’s standards of a Smartphone, with an all-touch screen. We will look deeper into the new Z10 being offered currently in the market.

Blackberry has always been labeled as the “business phone”, in 2013 the company is aggressively trying to change this perspective. With the new phones and the new operating system (BB10), users are integrated throughout the entire experience with social media, peer-to-peer sharing, web-posting, cloud computing, and more. This time around, the company decided to not only focus on the e-mail and security features of its phones, but all aspects. The new device has radical changes to the aesthetics, apps, cameras, touch-experience, hardware, music, movies, streaming, battery, cellular connections (4G), and more to stay on par with both consumer demand and competition.

The new Blackberry Z10 offers a 4 inch touch screen, encased in a slim plastic body. The phone feels very streamlined and smooth. The device has a range of amazing specifications in regards to hardware. The Z10 has some brand new features that are exclusive to the Blackberry operating device. These features include predictive-word keyboard. This feature allows users to type messages, and the device will predict the word you are trying to spell, with more than one word option, messaging and emails can be written a lot faster and more efficiently.

Hardware Highlights

The Z10 provides an ample amount of speed and power with 2 gigabytes of memory and a Dual Core 1.5 gigahertz processor, the Z10 outperforms even some desktop computers.

Another great feature of the Z10 is the large battery capacity with  1800 milli- amps of power, the battery is also removable for easy replacement offering 10 hours talk time (3G), and 13 days standby time.

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