About Us


Diversity Magazine is part of the Harmony and Diversity brand of Silvertrust Communications, which was founded in 1996 on the principles of quality, integrity and dexterity. After many years of preparation, various elements of the brand are now being rolled out. Aside from a miscellany of related projects since 1996, the Diversity Awards program was launched at the prestigious Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto in 2010 and Diversity Magazine in 2012, with print and online versions.


The vision of Diversity Magazine and its related initiatives is to showcase the best of harmony and diversity with a focus on cross-cultural integration.


The mission of the project is to inspire, transform, empower, showcase, celebrate and integrate exceptional elements of our mosaic.


The objectives of Diversity Magazine and associated initiatives include the following:

1. Inspire people in our diverse communities to aspire for greater levels of success

2. Transform lives and society by maximizing the value and impact of diversity

3. Empower individuals, businesses and organizations with great information

4. Showcase the best of all peoples with a distinct intent to encourage service and change

5. Celebrate leadership, enterprise and other success stories regarding our diversity

6. Integrate immigrant, aboriginal and other constituents for a more perfect mosaic


Sixteen of the core values and precepts that are espoused by the Diversity project include the following:1.   Leadership

2.   Excellence

3.   Inspiration

4.   Transformation

5.   Empowerment

6.   Showcase

7.   Celebration

8.   Integration

9.   Opportunity

10.  Education

11.  Heritage

12.  Entertainment

13.  Entrepreneurship

14.  Mentoring

15.  Equity
16.  Harmony

Editorial Fields

Some of the key columns, departments, regular features and other editorial areas regarding the magazine include:

•   News and Trending Stories
•   Business, Enterprise & Finance
•   Food, Health and Wellness
•   Leadership and Inspiration
•   Progress and Transformation
•   Integration and Opportunities
•   Art,Culture and Entertainment
•   Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty
•   Public Service & Civic Engagement
•   Technology, Social & New Media
•   Ethnographic Research
•   Spotlight and Profiles

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