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Magazine Contents | April - May 2013

Excellence in life and Service

In the world of business, companies are increasingly realizing that their workforce needs to reflect their customer base. This is a part of what is now known as the business case for diversity. In this issue of Diversity Magazine, we are presenting success stories, best practices and are asking questions that our readers are asking about our cultural diversity in regards to serving the public and making a difference.

On the cover of Diversity Magazine, we have Tanya Kim, the Korean Canadian host of CTV’s E-Talk Daily, who shares insights about the keys that opened the doors to her success. Meanwhile, with the increasing diversification of the Canadian populace, it is imperative that even governments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels focus on how best to serve the citizenry. One of our thematic concepts is drawn from relations between government agencies and the public.

We are featuring top ten qualities of police officers; strength in diversity as seen in the choice of Jamaican-born Devon Clunis as Winnipeg Police Chief, becoming the first African Canadian Chief of Police and Chief Jim Chu of Vancouver Police, the first Chinese Canadian Chief of Police and now President of the Association of Police Chiefs in Canada. We feature information on how Honourable Michael Coteau, Ontario’s first African Canadian Minister of Citizenship and Immigration has set out to work for all.

As part of our celebration of harmony and innovation, we present images from the last Diversity Awards, which are now open for 2013 nominations; how unique features of the new Blackberry further effective communication; and Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal presentations to our Publisher, Moses A. Mawa and Associate Publisher, Patricia Bebia Mawa, for making a difference as well as the launch of the all new Destiny publication, also known as the Kingdom Lifestyle Magazine.

We also address low thyroid syndrome and feature the Wholesale & Retail Sector of South Africa’s training of emerging leaders in Canada, England, China and the United States. Our 5 Stars in Diversity or Visionary Stars include entrepreneur Arun Srivastava, President of Paystation Inc.; telecom magnate Anthony Lacavera who Founded Globalive and Wind Mobile; pop music sensation Kreesha Turner; author and motivational speaker Jhet Van Ruyven as well as dental surgeon and transformational leader, Dr. Anthony Sterling.

On behalf of our editorial and publishing team, I hope you will find this issue of Diversity Magazine to be insightful and inspiring. As our publisher, Moses A. Mawa has said, “Our cultural diversity is here to stay and we have to either make the best of it or miss out on having it make the best of us.” We hope that our focus on excellence in life and in serving will enable you to excel and make a difference in your neighbourhood, our beloved nation and in the world at large.

Cynthia Kenth

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