Magazine Contents | Oct - Nov 2013


By Moses A. Mawa

In a world where there is great uncertainty, strong leadership is required to keep things afloat. For innovative leaders, their organizations may not only survive, but can easily thrive against all odds. This requires strategic planning and swift actions. To succeed, exerting positive influence, the kind that builds commitment and consensus among team members, is much needed. This often leads to selfless service as well as a deep and sincere sense of goodwill.

In order to lead well during difficult times, there is need to identify how things may have gone wrong and to establish solutions for the train of success not to be on the path of derailing. This sort of innovating requires flexibility, self-reorientation, re-discovering purpose and helping those who need assistance. Sometimes, purpose shifts with circumstances. For example, if you are laid off as a teacher, you can become an education consultant.

Examine your vision and mission with the view of finding new ways to making an impact. Never change your values because of circumstances. Leaders who challenge themselves to get difficult unanswered questions addressed, tend to have the propensity to make a profound difference. This often requires courage to row the boat against the current.

You may need to upgrade your skills through training or further education. This requires re-envisioning yourself and being sure to carry your team with you. Learn how to engage and delegate to people who are able to handle what you pass on to them. Prepare them for this role. Shared energy from like-minded people works well at all times. Use your passion with a higher degree of focus to make things better. Remember to introduce flexibility as rules of engagement from the old playbook might not always work.

Ensure that everyone you have an encounter with feels appreciated and respected. The dignity of people you deal with must always be put under consideration in your decision making process. Be understanding and sensitive to how people want to be treated. Everything said and done must be relatable. Change is not always a comfortable thing. You have to make sacrifices to see real transformation. You may have to give up some things to get what you hope for.

Pursue possibilities with faith, passion, resilience and dedication. Feel the pulse of the people you lead and give them a listening ear. Do not entertain any sense of trepidation as fear saps you of the energy or drive to keep going. Remember not to run away from hurdles. Make every effort to sustain a positive attitude and empower your people with knowledge on how to weather the storm. Let your abilities and tenacious spirit of service, help you conquer challenges in your journey.

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