Special Feature

Diversity On A Global Scale

Executives Gain Leadership Worldviews In Canada, England, China, India And The United States of America

By Dwayne Riley-Grant

The Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA) of South Africa was established in the year 2000, to develop skills needed for members of the country’s diverse communities to succeed in the sector. The organization has achieved tremendous success.

A core part of the initiative is the International Leadership Development Program (ILDP), which gives participants global worldview. In 2012, delegates from South Africa got training in five countries, with experiences in Toronto, New York, London, Shanghai, Beijing and Mumbai.

Silvertrust Media, one of Canada’s cutting-edge communications firms was contracted in association with Planet Africa Group,
to document the experiences of South Africa’s emerging industry leaders in this sector, in each of the countries visited during the knowledge tour.

In each of the countries, Silvertrust did world-class photography and captured broadcast content, leading to a photo reel and a high definition TV special. The materials hold fond memories and help all stakeholders to behold the magnitude and the value of this unique international undertaking.

The sector is the fourth largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), at 13.3 percent. It employs 19 percent of the workforce. W&RSETA also addresses historic imbalances with a focus on race, gender, age and disability.

The Immersion Lab, a Toronto-based company, facilitated the program in North America and Europe for W&RSETA. Under the distinguished leadership of Joel Dikgole, W&RSETA’s Chief Executive, the organization has reached great heights in its goal of advancing excellence in learning, as well as in raising diverse talents in the highest echelon of the industry in South Africa.

The University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), an internationally accredited business school based in Johannesburg, provided support. For eight years, GIBS has been ranked one of top 50 business schools worldwide, by the Financial Times in its executive education survey.

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