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Magazine Contents | Oct - Nov 2013

Top 10 Qualities Of A Transformer

The art and science of transformation lies in the sphere of servant leadership. The essence, motivation to act and the resultant impact of transformation is predicated on the passion of those who chart the paths of constructive change.

1. Purpose

To bring about transformation, you need to discover your purpose. Your purpose makes the best use of your skills. This is what leads to establishing a great vision, a viable mission and solid values that can stand the test of time.

2. Leadership

To be a great leader, it is imperative that you have positive influence, which makes your authority come naturally. To succeed in leading, engage good people and replicate your positive attributes in them

3. Passion

Making a profound impact in life is the manifestation of the purpose of the transformer. It is important to find your passion and focus on making things better in your sphere of influence, however uncertain that may seem.

4. Knowledge

It is knowledge that gives the ability to overcome ignorance, which leads to a clear understanding of why we exist. Search and discover yourself by knowing your roots, get the education that secures the means to bring about change in your world.

5. Dignity

People who get the greatest praise are those whose goal is to ensure the dignity of other people. To be truly successful, let every relationship you have guarantee the dignity of the people you deal with. Complement the strengths of others.

6. Empowerment

To be a game changer, garner knowledge and a positive attitude, which you should in turn use to empower others. Your talents and the ability to get ahead of yourself, will move you beyond challenges that you might face.

7. Innovation

Every transformer's goal is to offer innovative solutions to existing problems. Scientific, economic and social engineering require courage, research and development. Help your organization or nation to innovate in good time.

8. Sacrifice

Inspire yourself to choose sacrifice over momentary pleasure. The degree of your sacrifice will determine the level of your success. Sacrifice is the opportunity cost of transformation. You have to give up what you have for what you want.

9. Hope

Never leave life to the dictates of fate. Let hope enable you to joyfully develop the capacity to live life to the fullest, when the time comes. When nothing else is sure, let hope be your best weapon, loaded with dreams and fired with passion.

10. Service

The spirit of service is what makes the world of business, philanthropy, governance and life in general to go around. Winners are those who make themselves relevant among friends, at home, at work and in the grand scheme of things.


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